Western States

Wanda and I have been on a trip out west. We left on June 12th and trailered to Fraser, Co. to one of Wanda's cousin's home where we left the truck and trailer. Just too hot to leave from here on the bike and ride through Texas and southern Co. We had a great trip though.

First night at her cousin's house it was 26 degrees. First day on the bike we rode through Rocky Mtn. National Park (snow everywhere). Then we went up to Laramie and Rawlins, Wy. and up through the Wind River area and on up to Grand Teton NP for 5 nights of camping. Temps in the 20s and 30s every night with snow the first night. All of the mountains and passes are just covered with snow. Camprground was on Jackson Lake.

We moved on to Yellowstone NP on the 21st and camped at Grant Village for 3 nights. The campground had just opened on that day and we found out why. Even though our particular campsite was fine, most others just a few campsites over still had 3 to 4 feet of snow on them. Campers were lent shovels to dig out the snow to set out their tents. Sleeping in a tent in those temperatures wasn't that bad, it's the getting out of the sleeping bag in the morning that's tough.

We toured all of the sites in Yellowstone for 3 days then left out of West Yellowstone and into Idaho and followed the Salmon River up to Lolo, Mt. for the night. We rode Lolo Pass the next morning and then doubled back in to Missoula for a stop at Big Sky Cycles (BMW shop) then up to Glacier NP. The Going to the Sun Hwy was still closed in the middle third section so we could only ride about 12 miles of it. The same afternoon we left West Glacier and had to ride all the way to Great Falls before stopping for the night. It was a tough afternoon and evening bucking those Montana crosswinds for about 150+ miles down to Great Falls arriving at around 9:30 P.M.

We left there in the morning and rode US 89 down to Gardiner and back into northwest Yellowstone at Mammoth Hot Springs and down the north and east side of the park and into Cody, Wy. for 3 nights. We rode the Chief Joseph Hwy and Beartooth Pass one day( simply unbelievable scenery.) 10' snow on each side of the road in places and white in any direction that you looked. The lakes and ponds up high were still frozen and covered with snow. After 3 nights we left Cody and headed east through the Big Horn Mtns. We had to take the lower route on hwy 16 since hwy 14 was still closed due to snow.

Then on through Gillette and to Devil's Tower and a night in Spearfish, S.D. Up through Spearfish Canyon in the morning with a stop in Deadwood for a few hours before continuing to Mount Rushmore, and a ride through Custer SP( the Needles Hwy and wildlife Loop) and back to Keystone for the night. We left in the A.M with threatening skies and rode back into Wyoming with a stop at Fort Laramie and down through Laramie and back in to Colorado at Walden and back to Wanda's cousin's for the night on July 1st.

We loaded up the bike and gear in the truck and left on the 2nd for home with a night's stay in Witchita Falls. Up early Sunday morning for the final leg home arriving at a little after 4 P.M.

For the entire part of the trip on the bike we rode through a slight drizzling rain twice and never had to put on our rain gear. It did snow a little while riding from Dubois through the pass to Moran Junction going to Grand Teton but not very heavy. We had a great time with no problems and took loads of pictures. Wanda had been looking forward to this trip since I promised to take her after I went to the rally in Gillette. It's good to be back home but it sure is hot.

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