February 16

Destination:Kenner Seafood, Kenner

Riders:Mike S., Tommy, Antoine, Brandon

Comments: Tommy, Antoine, and Brandon rode to Kenner Seafood where they met Mike Scott. The food was great, as always, and there was plenty to eat.

February 19

Destination: The Boston Restaurant, Amite

Riders:Tommy, Tim, Mike & Amelia

Comments:Tommy and Tim left Labadieville under cloudy skies and rode LA 22 to Independence where they met Mike & Amelia who rode in from Zachary. Much to our surprise, we found that BBQ Station is no longer open on Sundays. After a little discussion, Amelia suggested The Boston in Amite. This was a good choice, as the food was great. Under sunny skies, Tommy and Tim returned by a different back road route eventually getting back on LA 22, then crossing the Sunshine bridge and taking the west bank river road back.