Road Trip to North Carolina

We arrived in Andrews, NC late Wednesday afternoon. Went to the local Huddle House (only thing in the neighborhood) for supper and then return to our hotel to plan our trip for the next day. Rain was forecasted and we were not too bummed out about that since the area is in such a drought and needs rain so bad.

Got up Thursday morning, sunshine and prediction for rain was not until late afternoon. So Deals Gap and Tail of the Dragon, here we come. It was so awesome. Rode from the botton to the top, took a few pictures and then took the return trip back to the bottom and to the Tail of the Dragon store for my T-Shirt. I loved it. So much fun. After that we headed down to Robbinsville and took Cherohola Skyway over to Tellico Plains and then back down toward Murphy NC and then on to Andrews to the Inn where we were staying. Got back, got covers on the bikes and the rain started about 10 minutes later. Unfortunately for the local people, the rain was not enough to do much good. That day was about 200 miles.

Friday morning, a little cooler and a perfect day for a ride. First stop, Deals Gap/Tail of the Dragon again of course. This time we were the 2nd and 3rd vehicles behind an 18 wheeler. Got to see first hand how they take all of the rode. Fortunately he had a bike running interference for him so that oncoming traffic could be warned. We only went up the gap and then continued on to Foothills Parkway over to 321 past Townsend then onto 73 Little River Road which brought us over to 441 and back across the mountain to Cherokee. Stopped there for Dairy Queen Chocolate Extreme Blizzard then on to Bryson City and 19/74 back to Andrews. Another perfect day riding. All the roads are full of curves and ups and downs - making the ride such an experience. Another 200 mile day.

Saturday was COLD About 46 degrees when we took off. I only had my 3/4 gloves so the tips of my fingers were so cold. We went back up toward Bryson City, but got on 74 down to Sylva, then caught Blue Ridge Parkway up to 19 then on to Maggie Valley. There is a "Wheels In Time" motorcycle museum there. We went back down 74 to Sylva, picked up 441 and headed toward Franklin. I have a cousin that lives there and I thought it would be a good idea to drop in for a surprise visit.

UNFORTUNATELY - about 10 miles from his place of business, I failed to negotiate and curve properly and had to take the shoulder. Did I mention there was no shoulder to ride on? Had to set it down. I am fine. Only scratch is on the pinky finger of the left hand (guess I should have had on the full gloves and not the 3/4). Of course, today I feel like I have been body slammed by Hulk Hogan but no other injuries. I am so very fortunate. The bike needs a new gas tank and highway bars, fortunate again that there was not more damage than that. Just so frustrating that for 2 1/2 days and managing so many tight and complex twists, turns and curves, that I screw up on a long wide curve on a darn four lane road. Again, thank you lord, I have no serious injuries.

By the way, thankfully, my cousin happened to work for a Body Shop, so he was able to come pick me up with their wrecker, brings us back to Andrews and help load the bike on the trailer. Also, he knew the volunteer fire dept guy and the EMT guys that showed up (all these people showed up because a passer-by had called 911). Again, I am one lucky person.

Again unfortunately, my camera was in my purse that was attached to the handle bars near the windshield, got all crunched up and now is not working. So I have no pictures to show of our trip. I heard that you can go to "US129Photos" and find pictures of us while riding the gap. I sure hope so.

Glad we are back safe and sound and just wanted to share our experience with you.